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It maybe cliché to state; “if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life.” That said, we truly are passionate about what we do. Our chairs and signature shop equipment are reflections of that passion and our past success. It’s our belief that true barber shops are few and far between. An establishment that caters to a client’s specific grooming needs, where the atmosphere and vibe are based on the feel of traditional barber shops is dying out to the modern day chain cutters where quality and environment are facsimiles of an authentic art.

Haircuts have more depth and weight than most men are aware of.
For those that don’t care where they get their haircut—they don’t know what they are missing.

The rules of a man’s haircut are handed down from father to son, through osmosis in the presence of other men or advised by a skillful barber. If you have not been exposed to these influences, or have never been to a genuine shop where a gentleman gets more than a haircut and receives a five star experience—come to Punch Barber Shop


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  • Best haircuts in the lower 48 states, bar none! No one else comes close! Now I just hope you guys franchise out to San Diego so Anthony DePaz and I can keep getting accurate cuts!
    - Allan DePaz - via Facebook

  • I will never get my haircut anywhere else! This place is super clean and all the barbers are skilled professionals. Thanks guys!
    - Dan McDarrah

The Shop

The Barbers

  • Vince

    Proprietor / Master Barber

    Vince had been in Glendale (Northern Glen Ellyn off of North Ave) the last 16 years where he ascended as the clear cut volume leader in his fathers shop.

    There’s not a style or cut at which he doesn’t excel. Known as a true “barber’s barber,” Vince has the distinction of being able to satisfy the most difficult/tricky customer. Having mastered his technique at the Glendale location where he has the reputation of being an expert cutter, Vince brings his large client base to Punch.

    He’s a fight fan, hockey nut and Notre Dame supporter.

  • Fabio

    Founder / Manager

    Fabio is the first barber you see upon entering the shop. He's the most likely to greet guests and write down names of anyone seeking a cut. He assumes responsibility over everything. Fabio is a finished product and our most versatile cut-man. With an insane work ethic he has a wide range of dedicated followers. He takes appointments, prides himself on valuing your time, and loves what he does. He is the idea guy and manager of our location as well as the pop-culture guru & resident sports junky. Fabio excels at: classic cuts, speed/efficiency, executive style, tapers and children’s haircuts.

  • Mr. Vince

    President / Patriarch

    "Pops" is the father of our two lead barbers (Vince Jr. & Fabio) and you'll find him in the back of the shop. He's in daily mentoring any new barbers and servicing his long standing clients from his years in Chicago/Lombard and most recently Glendale where he owned and operated for 34 years.

  • Franco

    Style and Profile

    Franco comes to Punch by way of Roselle. His skill set differs from the other barbers in that he is Paul Mitchell trained and has a cosmetology background.

    If you’re looking for something new or want to replicate something you’ve seen in the pages of Esquire/Details/GQ then Franco is your guy.

    He’s a man of high style and can set you up with a cutting edge or trendy look.

  • Adam

    Adam is the newest addition to the shop. Like former employees, he has excellent communication skills and a passion for the industry. Hailing from a Wheaton barber shop, Adam has a growing fan base & is classically trained. He can pull off any style.

For those that don’t care where they get their haircut
-they don’t know what they are missing.

Why Us

Why name a business PUNCH?
Who is Punch and where does he come from?

The plain fact is that all our barbers are boxing fans. The title of Punch can have that double meaning. But more so than that – the identity of the Punch character is associated with English culture, specifically beachside puppet shows and the figure of Mr. Punch as known today has a direct link with the commedia dell'arte (Italy) of the seventeenth century. The original significance of Punch's jester persona is entrenched in the characteristics of challenging the restrictions of society. The traits of Punch are woven in stories of hypothetical why not’s and what-ifs… the type of banter explored in discussion/debates found in parlors and establishments like a barber shop.

For decades, the Punch name has been synonymous with success and a strong masculine gender presence. This is evident with the types of businesses associated with the Punch name: Punch Cigars, Taverns, Clubs and restaurants. The Punch character himself cannot be trademarked as it is historical public domain. But a corporation can protect a businesses name: like “Punch Barber Shop.”

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